Frock Teasers


New at coldLogic today are a set of lovely frocks ready to tease the object of affection in your life by showing a little skin! Each dress has a different level of visible skin, how brave are you feeling this week?

All available now in store and on the marketplace!


All available now in store and on the marketplace!

Be Bold With coldLogic


New at coldLogic today are seven cute shirts, two new skirts and a pair of shorts all available in bold split color options and bright spring shades all mix and match friendly. Be bold this week!

All available now in store and on the marketplace!


All available now in store and on the marketplace!

New Springtime Items @ coldLogic


Happy Wednesday! The Spring fun continues at coldLogic with this new selection of belted dresses and sleeveless coats.

All available now in store and on the marketplace!


Spring 2014 by coldLogic & more!


Spring is finally here, the snow is melting and color is returning to the world. It’s also time to bring a little color back into your wardrobe with this incredible selection of dresses, combos, pants, shirts and outfits new at coldLogic today!

All available now in store and on the marketplace! Read on for details about FATEwear’s spring release and our Photo Contest winner(s)!

springPreview2014-1 springPreview2014-2


Spring has also sprung just across the water @ FATEwear, check the image below for a preview and visit the blog for more info.


Also, a month ago coldLogic hosted a photography contest. The grand prize was an entire years worth of new coldLogic releases. We deliberated over the amazing entries for a bit longer than expected, so without any further wait – here are our winner(s)!

ColdLogic Photo Contest - PrettyParkin Rexen
“ColdLogic Photo Contest” – PrettyParkin Rexen
PRIZE: A years worth of coldLogic releases

Look #572
HONORABLE MENTION: “Look #572″ –  Amelie Fravoisse
PRIZE: coldLogic Spring Release 2014

Ocean's Breeze
HONORABLE MENTION: “Ocean’s Breeze” – THost Resident
PRIZE: coldLogic Spring Release 2014

 coldLogic Photo Contest [asphixia.steampunk]
HONORABLE MENTION: “coldLogic Photo Contest” – Asphixia Steampunk
PRIZE: coldLogic Spring Release 2014

ColdLogic & 21 ShoeBLOGGER FIRST PLACE: “ColdLogic & 21 Shoe” – Strawberry Singh
PRIZE: L$10,000

Free Gift, Anniversary Sale and Photo Competition!

CL poster contest 2014_wobubbles

Anniversary sale is only at our mainstore location

It has been two amazing years for the coldLogic team, we’ve had so much fun providing content for Second Life residents and are eternally grateful for all the support and kind words you have given us and our brand.

This last year we pushed the envelope further than ever before by weaving in incredibly detailed materials with our ever improving mesh work and hope to continue leading the world of SL fashion with the latest and greatest innovations around.

To celebrate this landmark for coldLogic, we are sending our wonderful subscribers a free gift which is also available for new subscribers as of today, enjoy this beautiful layered dress – perfect for spring flings :)

Today also marks the beginning of our second annual anniversary sale. Our entire line has been price reduced by 50%. The sale will run February 19th through February 26th.

Thank you so very much for these past two years and we hope to celebrate with you for years to come!

Much love, Damien, Janie and Zyrra.


To continue our Anniversary Celebration, the coldLogic team has updated our subscrib-o-matic joiner gift!  This lovely little dress, pictured above, is free to all new members and comes in two color combinations.  For those of you who are already members, keep an eye out today as it will be delivered to you through the subscrib-o-matic as an announcement!  Thank you all so much for this past year, words will never express how grateful we are.

Also, we would like to announce our annual photo contest!  Show us how you wear coldLogic and you may be chosen to receive every new item we release, in every color we make from February 28th, 2014 to February 1st, 2015.   That’s a lot of free swag so please don’t miss out on the chance to win this amazing, grand prize!


- The photo(s) must show clothing from our current line of mesh fashion. Choose your favorite items and simply show us how you wear coldLogic. You may also use our Anniversary Dress, which is FREE when you join our subscribe-o-matic or if you are already a member, will be delivered to you at some point on February 19th, 2014.  If for some reason you miss the delivery of the free dress today, you may come to our main store location and retrieve it from the subscrib-o-matic kiosk.

- Your photo(s) should be posted in the coldLogic Flickr group by February 28th, 2014. If you do not have a Flickr page we will allow inventory submissions but only if they are named “coldLogic Photo Contest [yourname]” and have full permissions.

- A winner will be picked and announced the week following February 28th, 2014

- You must be a member of the coldLogic subscribe-o-matic at the time we announce the winner.

- Your avatar name MUST be in the description of the image, so we can find you!

- Be creative! We will pick winners based on creativity and our overall enjoyment of your photo.

- coldLogic may choose to use your image for future advertisements and in world artwork.

- One Grand Prize Winner will be chosen to receive all of our new releases from February 28th, 2014through February 1st, 2015.

Good luck and thank you again,

The coldLogic Team



Fabulous February Release

With the start of February the end of the cold season is coming into sight, coldLogic has some fantastic new items for you today with a shirt and high waist skirt combo that can be mixed up with a new layered shirt that can be worn with or without the under layer for maximum styling options.

All available now in store and on the marketplace!



All available now in store and on the marketplace!

Baby It’s Cold Outside

…so be sure to dress in layers! Ok, that’s not how the song goes, but coldLogic is still happy to provide you with the warm layered look you need to survive this virtual polar vortex sweeping across the northeastern regions of the grid.

All available now in store and on the marketplace!

coldLogic_1-22-14 BlogClothes_01-22-14



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