Cute Coats for a Fashionable Fall

Fall is often the season we all start looking for a new coat, one that will see us through the colder months, something that will be worn almost every time you brave the weather.

Four new coats have just arrived at coldLogic and they come already layered with a shirt and skirt which are both optional, all available now in store and on the marketplace!

coldLogic_11-13-13 BlogClothes_11-13-13

All available in store and on the marketplace!

New Dresses and a New Store – coldLogic Reopens!


Happy Halloween to all those who celebrate it, and here’s another reason to celebrate – coldLogic has opened up to the public once more with a brand new build to explore.

Also new this week are these lovely dresses for the flirty and modest amongst you. All available in store and on the marketplace!

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 coldLogic_10-31-13A coldLogic_10-31-13B


coldLogic is Under Construction

Hello Everyone! coldLogic is currently undergoing re-construction. We have closed the sim down and will reopen later this week. We will notify you as soon as the doors reopen. !

Until then, feel free to visit our marketplace store front located here:

Also check out our brand new facebook page:

Thank you so much for you patience
-the coldLogic team

New Fall Dresses at coldLogic

Happy Wednesday! We are keeping the ball rolling at coldLogic and following our huge Fall Fashion line with some fun boho and casual dresses that work great for this season. All dresses as usual come materials enabled for extra depth, the Royer dress is especially eye popping with shiny threads that have to be seen to be believed!

Check out the items below, all available in a few different styles and colours, in store and on the marketplace!

coldLogic_10-16-13 BlogClothes_101613

Fall Fashion Arrives at coldLogic!

Fall is upon us and that means it is finally time to unveil coldLogic’s new Fall fashion line. One of our biggest releases to date you can find pants, skirts, shirts, sweaters, dresses and complete outfits.

Check out the items below, all available in a wide range of styles and colours in store and on the marketplace!




Cl_BLOG_092513_04OF04 Cl_BLOG_092513_02OF04 Cl_BLOG_092513_03OF04

Also, our very own Damien Fate’s menswear line FATEwear has launched a Fall fashion line for the man in your life. Check out his blog post for more information on that, or check out his marketplace store :)

Full Steam Ahead

Summer is drawing to a close and we’re back from our little vacation with a small range of dress and jacket combos for you to enjoy. Each of the four strapless dresses released today can be worn with or without the included jacket which is perfect when the weather is not quite sure how to act right now.

We hope you have enjoyed your Summer and that this release will keep you entertained while we work full steam on one of our biggest fashion releases yet. Stay tuned!

Check out the items below, all available in a wide range of styles and colours in store and on the marketplace!



50% Off Summer Sale


As if Fridays weren’t enough to get you excited, here is one more reason to look forward to the weekend – coldLogic is holding its Annual Summer sale starting today!

Running for just over one week, you can shop ’til you drop a little longer by saving 50% on all our in-store products. Now is the time to grab out most recent releases if you had been putting them off, don’t miss out! :)

Remember, this sale is in store only.


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