Spring 2014 by coldLogic & more!


Spring is finally here, the snow is melting and color is returning to the world. It’s also time to bring a little color back into your wardrobe with this incredible selection of dresses, combos, pants, shirts and outfits new at coldLogic today!

All available now in store and on the marketplace! Read on for details about FATEwear’s spring release and our Photo Contest winner(s)!

springPreview2014-1 springPreview2014-2


Spring has also sprung just across the water @ FATEwear, check the image below for a preview and visit the blog for more info.


Also, a month ago coldLogic hosted a photography contest. The grand prize was an entire years worth of new coldLogic releases. We deliberated over the amazing entries for a bit longer than expected, so without any further wait – here are our winner(s)!

ColdLogic Photo Contest - PrettyParkin Rexen
“ColdLogic Photo Contest” – PrettyParkin Rexen
PRIZE: A years worth of coldLogic releases

Look #572
HONORABLE MENTION: “Look #572” –  Amelie Fravoisse
PRIZE: coldLogic Spring Release 2014

Ocean's Breeze
HONORABLE MENTION: “Ocean’s Breeze” – THost Resident
PRIZE: coldLogic Spring Release 2014

 coldLogic Photo Contest [asphixia.steampunk]
HONORABLE MENTION: “coldLogic Photo Contest” – Asphixia Steampunk
PRIZE: coldLogic Spring Release 2014

ColdLogic & 21 ShoeBLOGGER FIRST PLACE: “ColdLogic & 21 Shoe” – Strawberry Singh
PRIZE: L$10,000