Mix and Match Collection

One thing we pride ourselves on at Neve is the ability to mix the majority of our items together for your own unique look. Today we have released a range of new tops and skirts that increase your mix and match potential!

Available now in the main store and on the marketplace.


Available now in the main store and on the marketplace.

Bad Influence Available at MBA From Neve


Be a bad influence with a new event exclusive item from Neve. Be sure to visit this month’s Mesh Body Addicts Fair to find this beautiful Spiral Dress available in many colours and patterns.

Available now exclusively at the event location.

Neve Dress - Spiral.jpg

Available now exclusively at the event location.

Bringing It In

The holidays are over and the new year is here, let’s celebrate with some fun new items for your wardrobe! Today at Neve we have a lot to be excited for, with the long sleeved and cropped Buttons Top which pairs perfectly with the new Sherlock Skirt which features layers of ruffles and a short hem.

Also new in the store are some “Bento Enabled” gloves, the Toasties Gloves are compatible with Bento animations and poses with fingers rigged to the newly available bones on your avatar. Also included in the package are non-bento versions. These gloves go very well with the highly popular Snow Coat which once was previously an event exclusive item.

And, lastly, the Pep Top and Deedee Leggings, also event exclusives, have now been added to the main store and on the marketplace .

Neve Top - Buttons - Stripe + Chunk.jpgneve-buttons-top-sherlock-skirt-01neve-buttons-top-sherlock-skirt-02

Neve Glove - Toasties - Leather.jpgneve-toasties-glove

Neve Dress - Snow - All Colors.jpgneve-top-pep-all-colorsneve-legging-deedee-all-colors

All available now in the main store and on the marketplace.