Game On with Neve @ FaMESHed, WeDoSL, and TLC

Neve - Street Dress - Facebook E.jpgNeve - Scrimmage and Touchdown - Facebook D.jpgNeve - Casa Dress - Facebook A.jpg

Neve has a bunch of fun and sporty items for you this week, with the super snug Street Dress which features a stripe down the side and a short hem, and the highly customisable Scrimmage & Touchdown set which comes with 18 built in color options for the base, stripe, hem and ties along with a number picker so you can emulate your favorite player! We also have a new dress for the ‘hacienda’ themed TLC event with the Casa dress, which I totally didn’t add to the blog last minute!

Visit FaMESHed for the Street Dress, WeDoSL for the Scrimmage and Touchdown set, and TLC for the Casa Dress!

Neve - Street Dress - All ColorsNeve - Scrimmage and Touchdown - All ColorsNeve - Casa Dress - All Colors.jpg

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