Smother yourself in Autumnal comfort

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Neve is back at Uber this month with a brand new outfit perfect for the season. The Smother Jacket features a layered turtleneck and leather jacket design, available in multiple mix and match knits and choice of suede or leathers. Layering perfectly over a fantastic boot and legging combo with the Stomp Pant. Available exclusively at the event location!

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Neve - Stomp Pant - All Colors.jpg

Be What You Want – Neve @ FaMESHed X

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It is October which means only one thing – time for a little costume play! Neve has released an all-in-one outfit for your treating this month with the Form Intimates. Included in the fatpack are optional bento animated angel wings, devil wings, cat tail, devil tail, and extra attachments for bunny ears, cat ears, halo and horns. Mix and match it all for your preferred look!

Available exclusively at FaMESHed X.

Neve - Form Intimates - All Colors.jpg

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Available exclusively at FaMESHed X.