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November Mix

November is here and while it may be chilly we just don’t care, check out these cute button front skirts that show plenty of leg, perfectly paired with a cheeky navel showing top and scarf combo. The scarf is optional and the high waist skirts can be altered through the unique HUD to enable more layering options with other items!

Mix website:
Mix HUD @ Marketplace:

As usual these items fit perfectly with the Maitreya Lara, Slink Physique, Belleza Isis and the default standard sizing. All available now in the main store.

Neve Poster - Esprit + Buttons 01

Neve Poster - Esprit + Buttons 02

Guess Whose Back

Should I cover up or still show a bit of skin? It’s a bit hard to decide this time of year, so we’ve crafted some deceptively modest sweaters with a secret reveals on the back, displaying a cheeky flash of skin from nape to waist. As always with Neve creations these items support fitted mesh bodies by Maitreya, Belleza and Slink – as well as providing coverage for those who prefer the default avatar. All available now on the marketplace and in the main store.

Neve  follow top & zeezee leggings

Neve  peek top & zeezee leggings

All available now on the marketplace and in the main store.

Mixing it Up

Neve is happy to be participating in The Mix event with this brand new main store release. Check out the elegant Embrace and sharp Acute dresses which fully support the top fitted mesh bodies on the grid and of course default avatars with standard sizing. The included HUD allows further control over the appearance of the item, so get creative!

Mix website:
Mix HUD @ Marketplace:

All available now in the main store.

Neve poster - flickr - embrace
Neve poster - flickr - acute

Neve is a new collaborative effort from the team that brought you coldLogic. Neve’s top of the line mesh apparel fully supports the latest and greatest mesh bodies on the grid.Launch Poster

Dare to Layer

Fall is approaching and we welcome the return of some layers to our wardrobe with these new offerings from Neve. All fully supporting Maitreya Lara, Belleza Isis and Slink Physique, as well as the default avatar (standard sizing).

Customise the appearance of these items to your liking with the included HUD that allows texturing of the layers individually and even the ability to remove the undershirts from the Campus and Breeze tops.

The Zeezee leggings hug your body in all the right ways and even provide different leg length options for easier tall boot fitting.

All available now on the marketplace and in the main store.

Neve poster - flickr - breeze
Neve poster - flickr - campus
Neve poster - flickr - zeezee

Neve is a new collaborative effort from the team that brought you coldLogic. Neve’s top of the line mesh apparel fully supports the latest and greatest mesh bodies on the grid.Launch Poster

Backpack featured in Campus top from FATEplay

Introducing: Neve

Launch Poster

The coldLogic team have been providing great looking clothing that fit your avatar since mesh uploads were introduced to Second Life. Recently, the rising popularity of mesh body shapes has drastically changed the landscape for what customers desire in a product. With this in mind the coldLogic team has acquired development kits for the most popular body shapes on the grid and we have been hard at work on a new line of clothing that fully supports Maitreya Lara, Belleza Isis, Slink Physique and of course the default avatar.

This new collaborative effort is called Neve.

Neve will replace coldLogic as a brand over time and will be a clear indicator of our team’s products which fully support the most popular custom bodies on the grid with fitted mesh. You don’t need to change your landmarks to the store or your bookmarks to the marketplace, they will stay the same, and for some time the best coldLogic items will also be available in a clearly marked section of the store.

All Neve items come with a low impact HUD that can change the appearance of the garment. You can apply one of four textures to the entirety of your new clothes and even change the texture of individual parts on some items, all of which give you total control for your own personal style.

We have also added some great new incentives for those shopping in the main store location by introducing the free-to-join Neve VIP Group which rewards you with a 5% credit on all purchases, which means over time your account will accrue credit that can be used to get a new Neve item completely free! Neve VIP Group members will also receive bonus gifts from time to time – it’s really a win-win situation for you!

With the launch of Neve we have also introduced the often requested Gift Card system so that you can give your friends and loved ones the gift of great fitting clothes. Just visit the front of the Neve store and look for the gift card sign!

We hope you enjoy our new project and stay tuned for the great things to come. Visit the main store location today and check out these new items.

Neve poster - flickr -

Neve poster - flickr - athena

Neve poster - flickr - ballerina

Neve poster - flickr - cynical

Neve poster - flickr - dominique

Neve poster - flickr - frill

Neve poster - flickr - sophisticate

Visit the main store location today and check out these new items.

Breezy New Summer Wear AT SALE PRICE!

Ah Friday, everyone’s favourite day of the week. The weekend is coming and it’s time to kick back and relax. But before you do that, head on down to coldLogic and pick up the brand new Summer wear released during our Summer Solstice Sale – AT SALE PRICE! Don’t miss out on this fantastic deal. Available now online at the main store location only. Will be available on the marketplace after the sale ends.

coldLogic - new today




Available now online at the main store location only.

Summer Solstice Sale for coldLogic and FATE!

Summer officially begins NOW, and what better way to kick it off than with a massive sale across coldLogic and all the FATE brands. Come on down to the main store today and enjoy a MASSIVE 50% discount on all products in store and get your Summer started in style!

coldLogic summer solstice sale 2015


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