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New in Store – February 2019

Neve - New in Store - February 2019.jpg

It has been a busy holiday season for Neve and if you happened to miss some of our event exclusive items we’re pleased to announce they are all now available in store and on the marketplace.


Take it to the Streets

Neve - Hop + Skip - Facebook C.jpg

Neve is back at FaMESHed this month with a fun top and skirt combo featuring layers perfect for the current weather and a scalloped hem on the skirt. The Skip Top and Hop Skirt can be found exclusively at the event location.

At TLC we also have a new dress and mask set ready for Mardi Gras or your next masquerade ball. The Jouer dress has an amazing shimmering sequin effect and comes in a wide range of colors, matched by the Regarder mask to finish the celebratory look! Available exclusively at this month’s TLC.

Neve - Jouer Dress - Facebook C.jpg

Back to the Gym

Neve - Hardy + Felicia - Facebook B.jpg

How’s your New Year’s Resolution going? If you’re hitting the gym hard this January then Neve is here to help with the new Hardy top and Felicia short, available exclusively at this month’s Uber.

neve - hardy top - all colorsneve - felicia short - all colors

Available exclusively at this month’s Uber.

Neve @ FaMESHed X & Tres Chic

neve - hemless days - facebook bneve - afraid top - facebook a

Neve is excited to be back at Tres Chic and FaMESHed X this month with the new Afraid Top, and the Hemless and Days sets.

The Afraid Top features customisable hems to show either a frayed fabric or a layered lace effect, available exclusively at Tres Chic.

The Days Panty not only offers the standard color options but also comes with a variety of weekdays and fun phrases which can be customised through the included HUD. Pairs perfectly with the Hemless Top, both available exclusively at FaMESHed X.

neve - hemless top - all colorsneve - days panty - all colorsneve - afraid top - all colors

Available exclusively at Tres Chic and FaMESHed X.

A Brand New Year

Neve - Tomboy - Facebook.jpg

A new year, a new you! Enjoy some new wardrobe items today from Neve, available at this month’s FaMESHed and TLC events.

The Prep top can be worn with or without the additional lower section of the button down shirt, which pairs perfectly with our straight legged Tomboy pants. Available exclusively at FaMESHed.

At TLC this month we have a new tunic which is great when paired with our existing line of leggings. The North tunic is super sized and super thick, perfect for the chilly weather this month.

Neve - North - Facebook.jpg

Neve - North Tunic - All Colors.jpgNeve - Prep Top - All Colors.jpgNeve - Tomboy Pant - All Colors.jpg

Available exclusively at this month’s FaMESHed and TLC.



Home for the Holidays

Neve - Chill - Facebook B.jpg

Hopefully you have some time off work for the holidays and can enjoy lounging around the house in this brand new PJ set from Neve. The Chill top features layered robe and tank (which can be worn sans robe) and the Lax pant comes with attached slippers, which can also be removed if you prefer a bare foot look. Available exclusively at Uber.

Neve - Chill Top - All Colors.jpgNeve - Lax Pant - All Colors.jpg

Available exclusively at the event location.

Neve @ Tres Chic, December

Neve - Core Tunic - Facebook.jpg

Neve is back at Tres Chic this holiday season with a fun and over sized tunic featuring a tightly tied button down shirt around the waist. Available in a wide range of textures and colors exclusively at Tres Chic!

Neve - Core Tunic - All Colors.jpg