Short Tanks and Mini Skirts

coldLogic - new release

The weather is getting warmer and the clothes are definitely getting shorter. Check out this new range of mini skirts and short tanks that are perfect for cooling off in the sun! As usual these items are tailored to work incredibly well with default, Slink and Maitreya so don’t be afraid to use your sexy mesh bodies underneath :)

All available now on the marketplace and in the main store.

coldLogic - skirts & racerback tanks
coldLogic - wrapped pencil skirts & tank tops

All available now on the marketplace and in the main store.

All Tied Up With coldLogic


New at coldLogic today are a couple of shirts and dresses that come with tied sweaters and shirts. The shirts can be worn with or without the sweater and can be tucked or untucked (works best with ‘151’ pants!) and the dress can be worn without the skirt section to look like a tank. There is a lot of customisation available for these awesome new items so feel free to experiment and express your own style!

All available now on the marketplace and in the main store.



New coldLogic Release


Happy Wednesday! Lots of new items at coldLogic today, two new dresses, four new pants and four new jackets with layers for multiple styling options. As usual, these items are available in standard sizing and fitted mesh for Physique, but also made with other mesh bodies in mind for a perfect fit. Available now on the Marketplace and at the main store.

We have also updated the previous “pant151” items with fitted Physique sizes. (see here)




Available now on the Marketplace and at the main store.

Put That Spring in Your Step

coldLogic_3-25-15_TurnerHealy coldLogic_3-25-15_SheeranLukonen


New at coldLogic today are an assortment of cute strapless dresses that work beautifully with default and mesh bodies, featuring bright Spring colors and patterns they are perfect to bring in the new season. Available now on the Marketplace and at the main store.

Also, FATEstep has finally launched, come and check out the dozens of new footwear options for women and men!

Put that spring in your step with coldLogic and FATEstep.


Become a coldLogic Blogger

coldLogic Blogger applications

Applications are now open to become an official coldLogic blogger! We’re looking for motivated individuals with a flair for style and sharp photography skills to help show off coldLogic products the best way possible to potential customers.

As an official coldLogic blogger you will receive all new releases in one simple package through our delivery system, a group slot is not required!

If you’re interested in joining the coldLogic team head to the application form and you could be invited to blog our next releases as early as 25th of March! Please allow time for us to review your submission, successful applicants will be contacted.

Good luck and we look forward to working with you soon.

Take a Bow With coldLogic


New at coldLogic today are a wide range of new dresses featuring fun bows. All available now on the Marketplace and at the main store. Scroll down for additional pictures and also information on a new shoe store coming your way!

Last release we talked a little about supporting mesh bodies and received a lot of questions about what that means. Currently new items come in standard sizing (xxs – large) and a fitted mesh version for Slink Physique. The standard sizing items have also been made with the alpha systems of other mesh bodies in mind, since we do not yet have the developer kit for all bodies on the market we cannot do sizes specific to them, we still try to make our items as compatible as possible with the more popular bodies.

coldLogic_3-11-15_WillemPayton  coldLogic_3-11-15_DodgeSlater coldLogic_3-11-15_PhillipsCassidy coldLogic_3-11-15_MorganAston

All available now on the Marketplace and at the main store.

Announcing: FATEstep - Mesh Footwear!

Also, coming soon from Damien Fate is FATEstep, a new footwear store for men and women. See his official blog for more information.

Year Three at coldLogic


SecondLife has changed a lot since coldLogic started three years ago, one of the new additions to everyone’s wardrobes is mesh bodies, so we’re going to release products that work as well as possible with community favourites such as Maitreya and Slink. Check out our huge new release below of items made with mesh bodies in mind, especially Maitreya. Be sure to check a demo first, all available now on the Marketplace and at the main store.

coldLogic_2-25-15_HanceConnorcoldLogic_2-25-15_Pants coldLogic_2-25-15_ValensHarris coldLogic_2-25-15_YorkStraka


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