Year Three at coldLogic


SecondLife has changed a lot since coldLogic started three years ago, one of the new additions to everyone’s wardrobes is mesh bodies, so we’re going to release products that work as well as possible with community favourites such as Maitreya and Slink. Check out our huge new release below of items made with mesh bodies in mind, especially Maitreya. Be sure to check a demo first, all available now on the Marketplace and at the main store.

coldLogic_2-25-15_HanceConnorcoldLogic_2-25-15_Pants coldLogic_2-25-15_ValensHarris coldLogic_2-25-15_YorkStraka

A Free Gift For Subscribers & Last Week of Sale



We are one week into our third year anniversary sale, and it’s time for another gift of appreciation from the coldLogic team to our subscribers, a new dress (pictured above) should be delivered to you sometime today, or if you are not currently signed up to our in-store Subscribe-o then head on down and pick it up today! Also, there is just one weekend left on this monumental sale, 50% off the entire coldLogic library in-store only.

Thank you :)


coldLogic Anniversary Sale Begins NOW!


Today marks coldLogic’s THIRD year in Second Life, we can’t believe it’s been so long already. We launched with just a handful of items back when mesh was new and have grown to over 3,000 products on the market today, and averaging over one new mesh per week, an incredible rate of production!

We wouldn’t have made it this far without your support. So thank you to those who have stayed with us since the beginning and a big welcome to all new coldLogic community members we may see in 2015, this sale is for you!

From Monday, February 2nd through Monday, February 16th coldLogic will host a 50% sale at the flagship location only. We hope you enjoy and stay tuned for more anniversary celebrations :)

Team coldLogic.

Zyrra Falcone, Janie Marlowe and Damien Fate.

Happy 2015, coldLogic is Back


Happy 2015! We hope you all had an excellent holiday season, coldLogic is back with a new collection of wonderfully layered shirts and dresses for you to brave the cold during this chilly time of year. Spring can’t come soon enough! All available now at the main store and on the marketplace!



All available now at the main store and on the marketplace!

Smile, Sparkle and Shine with coldLogic


The holidays are such a wonderful time to celebrate the past year with friends and family and we at coldLogic certainly have something to celebrate! Recently the annual Avi Choice Awards took place and once again we were blown away by the love the Second Life community has shown us. Thanks to your efforts coldLogic has received its third AviChoiceAwards trophy, this time for “Favorite Mesh Designer”.

So go ahead, spread some holiday cheer with all the sparkle and shine that you carry with you year round and thank you for your support!

The festive dresses shown above are all available now at the main store and on the marketplace!

The coldLogic team wishes you the very best of holidays.

– Damien Fate, Janie Marlowe, Zyrra Falcone.


Home for the Holidays


Happy Wednesday! This last week has been full of travel for Thanksgiving. Going home for the holidays and enjoying family time is no excuse for lounging around in sweatpants and baggy tees, do it in style with today’s coldLogic release of four festive outfits. Enjoy!

All available now at the main store and on the marketplace!


Black Friday Savings @ coldLogic



Thanksgiving is here and as is the new tradition coldLogic is kicking off the holiday shopping season with a ‘Black Friday’ sale starting on a Thursday!

Take a trip to the coldLogic main store location today and enjoy 50% off the entire collection for a very limited time. This sale is only during Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

Have a great Thanksgiving :)


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