Joyous June Dresses

Neve’s main store location is getting some brand new items today, take a trip to find some fun and bright new summer dresses perfect for the warmer weather coming our way.

You can also find some of May’s event items, shown below, added to the main store and on the marketplace if you missed out on them before. Enjoy!

Neve - Iza Bella - Facebook B.jpg

Event items returning to the main store now.

Neve - Tropical June - Facebook B

Celebrate the 60’s With Neve’s Vintage TLC Release

Celebrate a very vintage summer with these groovy 60’s inspired releases from Neve, available exclusively at the vintage summer event by TLC.

Neve - TLC June - Facebook 02.jpg


Neve @ Tropical Summer and FaMeshed June

Finally the weather is starting to get really nice around here and Neve is happy to provide some fun and fresh new looks for you to kick off June.

Two events launched these past days, the first – FaMeshed – features exclusive new Magnolia Top, Leyla Shorts and a sweet Sugar Romper.

WeDoSL‘s June event is tropical themed, so check out our breezy Seashore and Baybreeze dresses.

These items are available exclusively at FaMeshed and WeDoSL, enjoy!

Neve - Fameshed June - Facebook.jpgNeve - Tropical June - Facebook  B.jpgNeve - Magnolia Top - All ColoursNeve - Leyla Short - All ColoursNeve - Sugar Romper - All ColoursNeve - Seashore Dress - All ColoursNeve - Baybreeze Dress - All Colours



Make Waves With Our Tidal Set

We have been doing a lot of events lately but we haven’t forgotten about the main store which is still in the same place it always has been – though the region has been renamed ‘Neve‘.

Check out these awesome matching tops, skits and swim bottoms from the Tidal set below, available now in the main store and on the marketplace!

Neve - Tidal - Facebook.jpg

Available now in the main store and on the marketplace!

TLC Designer’s Choice Month

This month’s Liaison Collaborative event is designers’ choice and Neve is happy to take part with some brand new torn jeans and spring tops, all available in a wide range of colours and designs exclusively at the event location.

Neve - Facebook - Fameshed May 2017c.jpg

Available now, exclusively at the event location.

Twist and Turn at Fameshed

5 Years ago the Fameshed event launched for the first time, Neve (previously coldLogic) was happy to take part then and we’re so glad that both Fameshed and Neve are still around to celebrate this anniversary event with these beautiful new Twist Top and Turn Skirt which compliment each other perfectly but can be worn separately!

Available exclusively at the event location.

Neve - Twist Top.jpg

Neve - Twist Top + Turn Skirt - Full.jpg

Available exclusively at the event location.

New Dresses & Event Exclusives @ Neve

Today Neve is proud to present two breezy new dresses to enjoy the virtual Springtime in, joined by previously event exclusive items TLC and MBA. Available now in the main store and on the marketplace.

Neve - Thrown Dress - Bloom + Aura FBNeve - Thrown DressNeve - Bared Dress - Neutral + Burst FBNeve - Bared Dress

Available now in the main store and on the marketplace.