Expressive Tops and Polka Dots

Happy Wednesday! We at coldLogic have been busy stitching together some new apparel for you that contain fun in every thread and have a little polka in every dot. Each item comes in a wide range of bold colours and patterns that are sure to please and fit perfectly with the new line of pants and shorts!

Now available in store and on the marketplace!

coldLogic_4-23-13 BlogClothes_4-24-13

Revenge of the Cleavage

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, your twins last saw the light of day, and with Winter bringing the chilly winds who could blame you? Well, the time of the dark side is over, the cleavage will have it’s revenge with this cute and sassy range of springtime dresses in eye-popping designs and colours!

Now available in store and on the marketplace!

cL_041013 nofeet BlogClothes_3-10-13