A Gift from coldLogic!

We were so overwhelmed by the warm reception we received on the grand opening of coldLogic that we just had to take a little time out of our week to send you some Valentine’s love in return.  We can’t thank everyone enough!  Today we’ve dropped this little date-night dress into the subscrib-o-matic and sent it out free to all group members.  If you’re not a group member, don’t fret, all you have to do is head over to coldLogic and join by touching the chalkboard.  Once you’ve joined, just touch the chalkboard again and pull up past notices.  It’ll be waiting for you there.

Also, you might notice something new inside the package.  A ‘fade to black stocking’ on the tattoo layer.  We’ve included some information with the dress but in case you didn’t see it and you’re curious, read about it here. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!
-the coldLogic team

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