coldLogic’s Anniversary Celebration Photo Contest


To continue our Anniversary Celebration, the coldLogic team has updated our subscrib-o-matic joiner gift!  This lovely little dress, pictured above, is free to all new members and comes in two color combinations.  For those of you who are already members, keep an eye out today as it will be delivered to you through the subscrib-o-matic as an announcement!  Thank you all so much for this past year, words will never express how grateful we are.

Also, we would like to announce our annual photo contest!  Show us how you wear coldLogic and you may be chosen to receive every new item we release, in every color we make from February 28th, 2013 to February 1st, 2014.   That’s a lot of free swag so please don’t miss out on the chance to win this amazing, grand prize!


– The photo(s) must show clothing from our current line of mesh fashion. Choose your favorite items and simply show us how you wear coldLogic. You may also use our Anniversary Dress, which is FREE when you join our subscribe-o-matic or if you are already a member, will be delivered to you at some point on February 13th, 2013.  If for some reason you miss the delivery of the free dress today, you may come to our main store location and retrieve it from the subscrib-o-matic kiosk.

– Your photo(s) should be posted in the coldLogic Flickr group by February 28th, 2013. If you do not have a Flickr page we will allow inventory submissions but only if they are named “coldLogic Photo Contest [yourname]” and have full permissions.

– A winner will be picked and announced the week following February 28th, 2013

– You must be a member of the coldLogic subscribe-o-matic at the time we announce the winner.

– Your avatar name MUST be in the description of the image, so we can find you!

– Be creative! We will pick winners based on creativity and our overall enjoyment of your photo.

– coldLogic may choose to use your image for future advertisements and in world artwork.

– One Grand Prize Winner will be chosen to receive all of our new releases from February 28th, 2013 through February 1st, 2014.

Good luck and thank you again,

The coldLogic Team

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