Year Three at coldLogic


SecondLife has changed a lot since coldLogic started three years ago, one of the new additions to everyone’s wardrobes is mesh bodies, so we’re going to release products that work as well as possible with community favourites such as Maitreya and Slink. Check out our huge new release below of items made with mesh bodies in mind, especially Maitreya. Be sure to check a demo first, all available now on the Marketplace and at the main store.

coldLogic_2-25-15_HanceConnorcoldLogic_2-25-15_Pants coldLogic_2-25-15_ValensHarris coldLogic_2-25-15_YorkStraka

7 thoughts on “Year Three at coldLogic

  1. Please don’t leave out Belleza on that list. The three major choices seem to be Belleza, Maitreya, and TMP – but of course TMP is a closed system. Slink… unless something major has changed in their new update, is barely worth noticing.

    1. Hi Pussycat, the reason Belleza isn’t supported is because they’re not giving out body development kits. Maitreya isn’t either but their shape is more in line with the default avatar.

  2. Hmmm… The new Slink does change a lot. Major flaws fixed – now I guess its a matter of preference.

    Slink and Maitreya however both lack a nipple layer – which means you cannot correct for flawed skins that don’t align right when applied. This becomes rather noticeable as both have nipple bumps – and those bumps and your skin’s nipple will be in different places on a many skins…

    – That’s another reason I hope you support more than just those two choices… as this flaw keeps some of us from changing over to those bodies.

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