Take a Bow With coldLogic


New at coldLogic today are a wide range of new dresses featuring fun bows. All available now on the Marketplace and at the main store. Scroll down for additional pictures and also information on a new shoe store coming your way!

Last release we talked a little about supporting mesh bodies and received a lot of questions about what that means. Currently new items come in standard sizing (xxs – large) and a fitted mesh version for Slink Physique. The standard sizing items have also been made with the alpha systems of other mesh bodies in mind, since we do not yet have the developer kit for all bodies on the market we cannot do sizes specific to them, we still try to make our items as compatible as possible with the more popular bodies.

coldLogic_3-11-15_WillemPayton  coldLogic_3-11-15_DodgeSlater coldLogic_3-11-15_PhillipsCassidy coldLogic_3-11-15_MorganAston

All available now on the Marketplace and at the main store.

Announcing: FATEstep - Mesh Footwear!

Also, coming soon from Damien Fate is FATEstep, a new footwear store for men and women. See his official blog for more information.


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